Sentient races on Earth. Who was here before us according to scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — Since ancient times, there has been talk that humanity is not the first civilization on Earth. There is numerous evidence that other intelligent races existed on the blue planet before us. And some of them could have a completely different, unfamiliar look.

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There is no irrefutable evidence for these theories. However, there are many indirect ones. One of them is considered the legendary Egyptian pyramids. Supporters of the hypothesis are convinced that people with their then level of development simply could not build something so monumental and truly eternal. But if not them, then who?

Periodically, sunken pieces of land and ruins of cities are also found, which may be older than everything on the surface. But, again, there are more questions and conjectures than answers and facts.

If you try to trace how life developed on the planet, and follow the thought of a number of scientists, who are rather fantastical by the standards of skeptics who need solid “evidence” in order to confirm unfounded statements, we can conclude that the first intelligent race on Earth lived about one hundred and fifty million years ago. It is called Polar.

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They say that the thickening of the subtle world contributed to its appearance, and the creatures that arose as a result did not have a body. They exchanged energy among themselves through the information space. Frankly, the theory is flimsy, but it takes place. And no one can not only prove it, but also refute it.

After the Polar race came through the Hyperboreans. Many legends are associated with them, including those from the mythology of the ancient Greeks. Some people think that this is the ancestral home of the white race of their contemporaries, a certain northern country where everyone was happy.

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The scientific confirmation of the idea of ​​the existence of Hyperborea is the Arctic theory, the founder of which is the first president of Boston University, William Firefield Warren. He wrote a whole treatise “Paradise Found. The cradle of the human race at the North Pole. Based on mythology and religious texts, he cited evidence that a once highly developed civilization lived in the Far North beyond the Arctic Circle. It was destroyed by a tectonic catastrophe, followed by a flood.

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The Hyperboreans were replaced by the Lemurians. The ancient Greeks believed that the planet was once inhabited by perfect androgynes who were filled with pride and went against the Gods. As a punishment, they were divided into two halves – male and female. Parts of a single whole were scattered around the world. Since then, they are doomed to look for each other. Lemurians are credited with being very tall, up to eighteen meters. It is believed that they had a black skin color, for which they are sometimes called the Black race.

If the Hyperboreans lived in the north, then the Lemurians in the south. Their civilization spanned southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar and Ceylon. The protomatter of the Lemurians is called Lemuria by some, and Gondwana by others.

The Antlants are the fourth intelligent race. They appeared after the death of the Lemurians and were most similar to their contemporaries, had a height of about two and a half meters, worshiped the sun. Their place of life was the islands, presumably in the Atlantic, on which they created a great technocratic state. They are also called the Red Race.

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And only after all these civilizations had fallen did man’s turn come. If this is true, then the question arises – were our predecessors guilty that their civilizations disappeared? Or is it about a coincidence that led to their death?

If you knew the answer, you could try to change your own future based on the experience of others, so as not to fall into the abyss that swallowed up those who were here before us and left no memory.

However, all this may turn out to be fairy tales. It is unlikely that in the near future we will be able to get to the bottom of the truth. And perhaps no one will ever do this. In any case, it is quite interesting to hear hypotheses, try to find their justification in the works of scientists and mystics, and then try to come to some kind of your own conclusion.


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