See what a Star Wars fighter jet would look like in the real world

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(ORDO NEWS) — The special effects masters have made a fan’s dream come true.

What has not yet been filmed with the help of drones! But this is the first time that the duel between the X-Wing space fighters and the TIE Fighter from Star Wars has been recreated in reality. Well, you can still watch the frightened R2D2.

The Corridor Digital team first filmed several drone chases after each other using different cameras. Then, with the help of digital effects, the craftsmen superimposed real-life X-Wing and TIE Fighter cockpits made on a 3D printer, as well as a moving droid figure, onto the shooting, and as a result they got an exciting race of space fighters in reality.

It’s hard not to remember how recently an amateur cameraman with the help of a drone and cameras practically recreated the effect of modern blockbusters , like Inception and Doctor Strange.


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