Secrets of extrasensory perception: how American artist became the US government’s secret weapon

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(ORDO NEWS) — Vision inaccessible to an ordinary person, the ability to “see” objects at a great distance – all this is not fiction from a science fiction novel, but a reality demonstrated by the American artist Ingo Swann. His unique abilities attracted the attention of not only ordinary people, but also the US government, which saw him as a potential secret weapon.

Ingo Swann, born into a family of Scandinavian origin, already showed unusual abilities as a child. His grandmother, a German by nationality, was reputed to be a witch, which may have influenced his heredity.

The boy saw events taking place at a great distance, as if in reality: military operations, natural disasters, horse racing. He could also predict people’s words and actions. These abilities caused surprise and bewilderment among others, but for Swann himself they were simply a way to earn money.

As the Cold War reached its peak, the KGB and Soviet naval intelligence conducted a series of experiments on telepathy and telekinesis. Their goal was to establish two-way telepathic communication with submarines at great depths. These experiments were successful, causing alarm among Western security services.

In the 1970s, two Canadian journalists, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, visited the Soviet Union and wrote a book, Psychic Revelations Behind the Iron Curtain, which chronicled the latest Russian parapsychological developments. This publication caused alarm among Western security services, as it indicated that the USSR had a huge advantage in the field of defense due to its psychic weapons.

In response, the US government turned to Harold Puthoff, a renowned physicist at Stanford Research Institute, to develop a research plan in the field of extrasensory perception. Puthoff recruited Ingo Swann, who became the main subject in these experiments. As part of the tests, Swann was asked to “see” the planet Jupiter with his inner vision and depict it on paper.

Surprisingly, Swann drew rings around the planet that were unknown at that time. It later turned out that his vision was correct, as the Pioneer and Pioneer 10 satellites photographed Jupiter and confirmed the presence of gaseous rings around the planet.

Swann passed many other tests and showed outstanding results in all experiments. He was later joined by another medium, former Police Commissioner Pat Price. Both psychics had the ability to conduct remote observation of various objects, which could be useful in combat conditions.


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