Secret rooms discovered in Buckingham Palace

(ORDO NEWS) — There are many secret rooms in Buckingham Palace that are known not only to researchers, historians and journalists, but also to tourists. Experts spoke about the ownership of these premises, revealing some secrets.

The existence of some rooms has been known for a long time. For example, Queen Victoria back in 1844, together with Prince Albert, opened a chapel. It lasted until 1940, but was destroyed during a raid by German aviation. Later redevelopment took place, and it was transferred to the southeastern part of the palace.

Also from the attention of millions it is impossible to hide the secret door in the White drawing room, stylized as a mirror and a wardrobe. Elizabeth II is often removed from the premises after meetings and public appearances for her, where hidden state apartments are located.

There is also an office of the personal royal physician Timothy Evans in Buckingham Palace. He is always in place, but no one, except the ruling dynasty and service personnel, uses his services. From one of the employees last year it became known about the presence of a private cinema.

At times, the whole family gathers at the screen to watch movies. There are spacious halls and a full-sized indoor pool. Prince George learned to swim in it. His parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, also often carry out water procedures.

Available to all inhabitants of the royal apartments and postal services. Royal Mail’s dedicated department caters for 800 people. The most secret room that is currently known is the one where the ATM is installed. He became known thanks to an ex employee at Coutts Bank. Gordon Pell stated that this room is located in the basement and is not accessible to staff. Only family members can withdraw cash in it.


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