Secret of woman who has not slept for 40 years revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — Somnologists from China have revealed the secret of a woman who, by her own admission, has not slept for 40 years. This is reported by the Bastille Post.

Li Zhanying, a resident of China’s Henan province, claims she stopped sleeping when she was five or six years old. Since then, she spent 24 hours on her feet.

Li’s husband, Liu Sousing, noticed his wife’s strange behavior when he woke up one night and saw her doing household chores. Li claimed that she was not tired at all and did not need sleep. At first, the man thought that his wife had insomnia and bought her sleeping pills, but the pills did not help. Li went to the hospital several times, but the doctors found no abnormalities.

In 2021, a Chinese woman went to the Beijing Sleep and Breathing Clinic, where it turned out that she was actually sleeping, and about 16 hours in two days of observation. But at the same time, the patient retained the ability to engage in deliberate activity. Doctors described her condition as “similar to sleepwalking.”

Somnologists found that, falling asleep, a woman became a little more lethargic and less susceptible to external stimuli, but she could answer questions and move freely.

The research doctor said that people with similar sleep disturbances usually turn off unexpectedly for short periods of time and are unable to sleep for long periods of time, but Zhangying was extremely rare in the disorder. Moreover, he added that due to the peculiarities of the psyche, and the confidence that she never sleeps, a woman rests even better than an ordinary person.

In 2019, it was reported that a man suffering from sleepwalking proposed to his girlfriend in a dream and found out about his act only in the morning. When he woke up, he found a ring on his partner’s finger, which he had bought for resale, and the “bride” told him what had happened.


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