Secret of one of the two sarcophagi in Notre Dame de Paris has been revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — Criminalists found two sarcophagi in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame a long time ago.

It is known that Antoine De la Porte, a canon who served at Notre Dame de Paris, rested in a lead coffin.

But who is the second? The body that was in one of them was identified, and the second will forever remain a mystery.

King Louis 13 himself promised to finish the construction of the altar, but he died, and his word passed along with the throne to his son Louis 14.

Then the War of the Spanish Succession began, so there was no money to build the cathedral.

Then De la Porte, one of the richest prelates, donated 10 thousand livres for the construction of the altar.

This money was a huge amount even in those years, now its equivalent is equal to 52 thousand dollars or more than 83 kg of silver.

The contribution made it possible to finally finish the long building, which lasted more than one decade.

His body lay in one of the sarcophagi. But it was not possible to identify the second one. Scientists could only establish that the body belonged to a man.

He died at the age of 24-40. The shape of the pelvic bones indicates that a person has ridden horses since childhood.

And he also has a deformed skull. Most likely, his head was bandaged from an early age. Such a ritual could well be a tribute to the fashion of those times. This phenomenon was common in medieval Europe.

Most likely, in the last years of his life, the man suffered from some chronic disease, which is why he lost all his teeth. The corpse was embalmed, as evidenced by the sawn-in half skull.

The man belonged to the local nobility. This is understandable because the sarcophagus is cast in the shape of the body.

He was buried before De la Porte. Most likely, the unknown nobleman will remain unknown.


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