Secret German device discovered in the Baltic Sea

(ORDO NEWS) — After World War II, many artifacts remained in Europe, which scientists from time to time find. As a rule, mainly mines and surviving shells come across, but in our case there is a valuable historical find.

While clearing the Gölting Bay in the Baltic from fishing nets, the divers came across an Enigma encryption machine. It was actively used to send encrypted messages to German submarines. The artifact somehow got caught in the net. At first, the divers thought that someone had thrown away the typewriter.

Archaeologist Florian Huber, after a quick glance at the find, realized its historical value. For 20 years, the man has made many finds, but the last one is the most exciting. Florian did not even expect that he would be able to find the legendary “Enigma”.

Outwardly, “Enigma” is very similar to a typewriter in a case. Thanks to the rotors, the message was quickly encoded with high reliability for the Second World War. British specialists were able to decipher some of the messages, thanks to which they gained an advantage over the German army. The battles in the Atlantic were replayed.

The Enigma could have been stored at the bottom of Gelting Bay since May 1945. Before the defeat of Germany, more than two dozen German submarines were sunk near Denmark. They all ended up throwing away the encryption machines. Since then, no more than two hundred Enigmas have survived. The discovered artifact will go to the Schleswig Museum.


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