“Second Brain” discovered in human body

(ORDO NEWS) — There are situations when a person makes decisions based not on logic, but on a premonition or instinct. In this regard, scientists from the University of California thought about which organ is responsible for this process, and as a result of the study, they came to the conclusion that a person has a “second brain”.

Many are probably familiar with the feeling when from excitement something inside seems to be compressed, or from fear begins to vomit. All these are quite clear sensations, for which, according to the researchers, the so-called second brain is responsible. It is an extensive neural network that is connected to the intestines.

The neural network, through the vagus nerve, carries out continuous interaction with the brain. Scientists have reported that there are about 100 million nerve cells in the abdomen and almost the same number in the spinal cord.

According to the researchers, the sensations and feelings that a person experiences can be recorded. That is, the second brain remembers all the states in which the intestines are in, being in different conditions. This whole mechanism vaguely resembles working with a database, when it is necessary to evaluate new tasks using the available information, without resorting to logical thinking.

In their study, the scientists went further, deciding in the future to create a device that would track signals coming through the human enteric nervous system. In case of success in medicine, new opportunities will open up in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the nervous system.


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