Sea lions die of mysterious cancer in California

(ORDO NEWS) — 26 years ago, Frances Galland came to work at the Marine Mammal Hospital in a former military base above the Golden Gate Bridge. The girl then experienced a real shock from the suffering of sea lions, which, due to unbearable pain, were thrown ashore.

In animals, the dorsal fins, lymph nodes swell, the spine turns into mush. More and more sea lions are facing these challenges, according to the Marine Mammal Center. In the wild, such a cancer should not exist, this is real madness.

Sea lions die of mysterious cancer in California 2

As part of the study, it was found out what provokes the disease herpes and the chemical compounds DDT and PCBs. They come along with refinery waste, rotting meat residues and various acidic deposits that people dump into the sea.

Toxins accumulate in fat, later becoming a provocateur of cancer. Sea lions, like humans, are centenarians, so they need a clean ecology.

Conservationists believe that the largest pesticide producer is dumping waste in the Channel Islands region, which is where the bulk of sea lions breed. There is evidence that cancer is actively transmitted sexually. A total of 394 creatures were hospitalized.


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