Scottish University professor reveals if anyone lives in Loch Ness

(ORDO NEWS) — Eoin O’Faodhagein, the hunter of the Loch Ness monster from Ireland, is sure that Nessie has woken up. He has been watching the lake since 1987, using photo and video equipment, and, according to him, has seen the mysterious monster at least forty times.

At the end of March, he installed a webcam on the shore of the lake, and it recorded two blurry objects floating on the water. The hunter posted the video on social networks. Skeptics said: these are logs or garbage. But Eoin objected. Allegedly, one of the objects deliberately maneuvered …

Over the past quarter century, “eyewitnesses” reported on Nessie 1136 times. To understand what the Irishman’s camera captured, Vecherka contacted Kirsten Agnew, professor of paleobiology at the University of Aberdeen’s College of Natural Sciences.

Good afternoon, Mrs Agnew! What could homegrown and not very explorers see in Loch Ness?

– Hello. It’s amazing that anyone else is interested in this. I think believing in Nessie is akin to believing in Santa Claus.

– So it was a log?

– Is not a fact. The monster was first mentioned in the monastery annals of the 6th century. Allegedly, St. Columba, a baptist in Ireland, while burying a fisherman, heard from the villagers that an unknown beast had dragged the unfortunate man to the bottom.

And allegedly, they have repeatedly seen in the water a “spawn of the unclean”, with a snake neck and a massive body.

The saint, they say, himself witnessed the attack of a monster on a guy who was extracting silt for fertilizer from the bottom. He drove Nessie away with a cross. Those were dark times: the villagers also believed in the Tarascon dragon…

– But the descriptions are similar: Nessie has a long neck, a back with a hump or crest, a fat belly …

– Nessie in different years was called a plesiosaur, a large turtle, a whale. They described motionless eyes, a tail that looked like a fish, dark gray wool or greenish-brown scales … Everyone saw what they wanted. The existence of the animal is not documented.

Nessie tried to shoot on film more than once, then on digital media. In 1933, this was taken by photographer Hugo Gray.

In my opinion, in his photo there is a dead fishing boat, and her “neck” is from a broken piece of sailing equipment. Athlete Arthur Grant said that he almost crashed his motorcycle into a vacationer on the banks of the Nessie. He mentioned that she looks like either a seal or a dinosaur…

“Looks like an elephant and a hedgehog!”

– Exactly. I think the young man figured it all out. Then the director of the local hotel, the maid, again a monk, a cameraman, a Dutch doctor, hundreds of photographers told about Nessie. Now bloggers are doing it. But scientists did not identify the “animal” in any picture or video.

But there were also serious studies? Nessie, they say, even has her own routine. Sleeps in winter, activates in spring…

— You know, in spring not only ancient animals awaken, but also people’s fantasies… Professor Adrian Schein led the largest research program.

In 2016, scientists lowered the Munin radio-controlled apparatus to the bottom. And found Nessie! It was a giant dinosaur doll made in the late 1960s for the filming of Sherlock Holmes. The props were left at the bottom.

Fairy tales die when people stop believing in them. Even sorry.

This story will not die. Everyone wants a miracle. I think if you found an enterprising hotelier on Baikal, he would not refuse to arouse the general interest by “settling” some kind of “Siberian dragon” in the lake. People would believe.


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