Scientists: We were all wrong about the purpose of the Egyptian mummies

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have said that mummification was never intended to preserve the bodies of the ancient Egyptians after death, although that is what everyone thought.

A growing number of archaeologists say that the preservative effects of mummification were probably accidental and accuse past Egyptologists of spreading misconceptions.

Scientists now believe that mummification was not meant to preserve bodies for the afterlife. Instead, the ancient Egyptians simply tried to turn their pharaohs into statues, works of art with religious significance.

One of the arguments in support of this theory is that the mummies of some of the rulers were obviously not very carefully made, assuming that they would have to come to life in the afterlife.

For example, the body of King Tutankhamen was found stuck to the bottom of his sarcophagus.

Most likely, the Egyptians performed manipulations with the bodies of the pharaohs, since they considered them almost gods, and these rituals brought them closer to this status.

Thus, by placing the organs in jars during the embalming process, the Egyptians may have intended to fill them with the divine spirit of the deceased king.


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