Scientists: water doesn’t exist. And that’s why

(ORDO NEWS) — What has always been called water may not turn out to be water at all, according to the participants of the conference “Physics of aqueous solutions”.

During the conference, scientists came to the conclusion that in fact there is no pure water as such in nature. Usually water is called water, which is not entirely true, according to the materials of the two-day forum. From the point of view of chemistry, water as a liquid cannot be represented by a single set of identical H2O molecules, scientists note.

It turns out that all our life we ​​considered water not water at all, but rather a substance that was obtained in the process of dilution, since even the most purified water contains natural impurities (molecules of dissolved atmospheric gases and reactive oxygen species) in low, but final concentrations. The scientists explain that this was influenced by magnetic induction and turbulent mixing under vibration.

The researchers’ unexpected suggestion may raise questions. It is hoped that experts will be able to provide more additional evidence and support for their theory.


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