Scientists warned of irreversible climate catastrophe

(ORDO NEWS) — A new study by an international team of experts shows that the increase in the number and magnitude of droughts and heat waves has reached unprecedented levels over the past twenty years. There is not much left for the observed increase to become irreversible, reports the Science.

Scientists cannot explain the natural variability of the situation, which negatively affects the climate of all of East Asia. The moment will soon come when the catastrophic increase will be irreversible.

Scientists have modeled the climate of East Asia over the past three centuries. In their work, they relied on the width of the annual rings of trees growing in the area. Previously, experts have studied the effect of climate on the formation of annual rings in some species of conifers.

It was found that average temperatures have been rising actively since the 1990s. The climate was getting hotter and drier. The worst was for Mongolia and the surrounding regions of East Asia. The situation is aggravated by the low amount of precipitation (no more than 300 mm).

Back in 2014, a statement was made about the rapid decline of lakes on the Mongolian plateau. The rate of decline is 26% per square kilometer. When the majority of water sources disappear, the region can turn into a real desert. Wild sheep, antelopes and camels will not be able to survive the change.

If the climate in Mongolia changes, then the changes will overtake the entire Northern Hemisphere. In the summer season, anticyclones take place, which cause powerful heat waves not only in Mongolia.


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