Scientists warned humanity about a terrible catastrophe

(ORDO NEWS) — According to experts, humanity can face a terrible catastrophe in the next 100 years. Literally in 2100, a world sweat may occur, due to which most of the countries will be under water. If the worst forecast happens, about half of the coastal areas will be flooded. As a result, almost 300 million people will suffer, and this is approximately 4% of the total population of the Earth.

If we consider the monetary side of the issue, then the disaster will bring about $ 14 trillion in losses. Such predictions were made by experts at the Australian University of Melbourne after they simulated the situation with sweat and studied the state of the planet after the disaster.

Experts also noted that increased tidal activity and frequent storms can be potentially dangerous to the planet. If nothing is done to resolve this issue, then in 2100 most of the land will be flooded as a result of a strong rise in sea level.

Those areas that are close to water at an altitude of about 10 meters above sea level will only be half-flooded. The map obtained by the specialists clearly shows that the USA and China will suffer the most. India, Australia and Europe.

It is worth noting that some time ago, experts warned humanity that there were literally six months left to avoid a global climatic catastrophe, which could cause the death of all life on the planet. Fatih Birol, who is the head of the International Energy Agency, said that people have the last chance to be saved and if nothing is done, then a terrible catastrophe will not be avoided.


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