Scientists warn of the onset of “hellish” heat on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the American Duke University reported that global warming will significantly affect the labor market. In the future, people will not be able to work on the street for long, the researchers pointed out in an article in the journal Nature communications.

Experts predicted that due to the onset of the “hellish heat” people will give up long-term work on the street. If the temperature on Earth increases by more than two degrees Celsius, then the economic losses from the decrease in labor productivity will reach 1.6 trillion dollars a year.

Workers in tropical and subtropical regions — Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the western Pacific — will be most affected by climate warming. Many employees in these regions are already experiencing difficulties in the heat when working on the street. With each degree of warming, outdoor life will become more difficult, scientists warned.

In addition, in many countries, it will be nearly impossible to carry out critical agricultural and construction work without harm to workers in summer. India, China, Pakistan and Indonesia, where most of the citizens work outdoors, will face large economic losses from climate change.

Earlier it was reported that Russia has become warmer due to climate change. In 2020, the average temperature in the country increased by 3.2 degrees. Winter last year was five degrees warmer than normal.


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