Scientists warn of a possible major eruption of Sakurajima volcano

(ORDO NEWS) — Given current data analysis, the Sakurajima volcano in southwestern Japan could erupt on a large scale, the Japan Meteorological Agency warned.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Volcanic Prediction Team, the frequency of eruptions in the Minamidaka crater at the top of the mountain in Kagoshima Prefecture is decreasing, while the volume of volcanic ash remains constant, indicating that the upcoming eruption may be larger than usual.

Level 3 alarm remains for the active volcano, advising people to avoid approaching the crater. The local meteorological observatory also warns of a small-scale pyroclastic flow during a volcano explosion.

The group noted that since September 2019, there has been a swelling and rise of the mountain, as well as the movement of the earth’s crust, on the Sakurajima volcano.

However, the group did not indicate when exactly the eruption of the volcano will occur.


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