Scientists warn about the dangers of land for health

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(ORDO NEWS) — Employees of the Federal Office for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Food Safety conducted a study in which they studied how the use of sushi affects people’s well-being. As it turned out, some components of this dish can be harmful.

The products from which sushi are made are familiar to every consumer and are not dangerous, but in 2018, experts found that fans of seafood can undermine health. As it turned out, algae, used as one of the ingredients, can accumulate harmful metals and other substances.

It is already known that marine plants, such as brown Kombu and Wakame, as well as red varieties of nori, used to wrap fish dishes, contain lead, copper, uranium and arsenic. In some cases, the amount of substances exceeds medical norms, and in others, experts can’t give an estimate at all, because medical standards are not established.

Scientists say that not only sushi lovers endanger themselves. Dry additives and seasonings for cooking different dishes are made from the same varieties of underwater plants.

In addition, there is a likelihood of harming health due to the content of components useful in humans in the marine flora. They contain selenium, copper, manganese, zinc and iodine. The latter, for example, is indispensable for humans, but there are too many of them in algae, which can negatively affect one’s well-being.


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