Scientists want to open a farm with mechanical trees that will absorb carbon dioxide

(ORDO NEWS) — American experts want to help living trees get rid of excess carbon dioxide that has accumulated in the atmosphere due to human fault. To do this, they plan to build special mechanical installations to collect CO2.

Arizona State University (ASU) professor Klaus Luckner, in an interview for Inverse magazine, spoke about a new technology that is being developed to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it safely.

The development was called “mechanical trees”, which are large vertical columns of disks coated with chemical resin. They look like huge stacks of vinyl records. The diameter of this design is about 1.5 meters.

The working principle of mechanical trees is simple: when air passes through these disks, their surface absorbs CO2. In 20 minutes of operation, the disks are saturated with carbon dioxide and lowered into a special container installed under them. There the CO2 is released and stored in a closed environment for a long time.

Back in July 2021, Klaus Luckner received $2.5 million in funding from the US Department of Energy to work on his CO2 capture devices. At the time, Luckner planned to open three mechanical tree farms that could absorb 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide daily. One of these farms may open as early as April 2022.


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