Scientists : Tunguska meteorite still hit the ground

(ORDO NEWS) — The Tunguska disaster still continues to interest scientists, and is also a mystery of the last century.

They suggested that the meteorite could hit the ground, deciding to find traces of the resulting crater. Scientist said that he was fond of this topic in his school years, and then began to explore meteorite craters.

In 2008, the international expedition did not bring the desired results, and the next one was being prepared for many years.

He is well acquainted with the version of his colleagues regarding the explosion of the Tunguska meteorite in the air, after which only the shock wave affected the earth.

Another hypothesis was related to the crater formed after the explosion on the surface.

The scientists decided to check the ring structure in the Southern swamp, which has an unusual shape, and there is also a map of the forest fall.

In ancient times, there was a paleo volcano at this place, the crater of which it swallowed up and razed to the ground.

They managed to find peat heaps with coals and wood residues, which were immediately sent to the laboratory for analysis.

So far, initial results have shown that this place is a crater of the Tunguska meteorite, but more research will be required to finally draw conclusions.


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