Scientists told why Omicron flows easier

(ORDO NEWS) — Following Delta, the world was covered by a wave of a new variant of the coronavirus called Omicron.

Scientists say that this time the human body is not so sensitive to the virus. Researchers recently came up with an incredible theory as to why this is happening.

Initially, it was assumed that the virus adapts to humans. If this is true, then each new variant will be less aggressive than the previous one, until it “weakens” at all. Recent research has given reason to think otherwise.

As soon as a new variant of the virus appeared, nothing was known about it. Now that time has passed, there are sick and recovered, we can already draw some conclusions.

Scientists are considering the theory of “herd immunity” and consider it more realistic today. This is due to the fact that the number of hospitalized people is increasing daily, and the epidemiological situation is worsening, but the number of deaths is much lower.

And it says that people have learned to resist the disease. The reason for this was vaccination and acquired immunity.

Although Omicron is 5 times more contagious than Delta and affects not only the elderly, but also children, there are still differences: the early variants of the coronavirus became weaker after the appearance of Omicron.

Herd immunity in infected people works like a protective shield. And although the anti-vaccination movement refutes its existence, the reaction to the disease of the vaccinated and recovered proves the opposite.

Having two vaccines does not provide adequate protection against a new variant of COVID-19.

People should definitely take a third booster dose to activate the immune mechanism. Only this will help stop the pandemic and return to normal life, as in 2019.


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