Scientists told who is at risk of re-sick COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — When a person has been ill with a coronavirus, then just one vaccination is enough to get additional protection and avoid further re-infection.

Scientists have found that people who have not been vaccinated have a five times higher risk of getting sick again than those who have been vaccinated. This can be explained by the fact that acquired natural immunity is not durable and soon after recovery it begins to decline.

Many people believe that they have enough antibodies to not be afraid of contracting the coronavirus. Therefore, they do not vaccinate, because they are sure that they do not need it.

Bruce Farber of Manhaseti believes that this belief is fundamentally wrong. Experts note that the vaccine against COVID-19 should be done every year, even if the incidence rate will noticeably decrease. The reason for this is that new mutations may appear.

The researchers analyzed data on 149 thousand patients from Israel. All of them survived the coronavirus and fully recovered.

The fact is emphasized that 83 thousand people were vaccinated after they recovered. The results of the study showed that 354 people were re-infected after some time. Among those people who were not vaccinated, there were much more re-infected – 2168 patients.

Experts note that it did not matter how many doses of the vaccine people received. The level of effectiveness was shown to be quite high even after one vaccination.

Despite this, experts still advise taking the full course as soon as possible in order to get maximum protection against coronavirus or a severe course of the disease.


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