Scientists told whether vitamins help to overcome coronavirus

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(ORDO NEWS) — Employees of the University of Toledo analyzed cases of hospitalization with COVID-19 and found that even if you take additional immunostimulating supplements, this will not reduce the risk of death from a dangerous disease.

At the very beginning of the pandemic, doctors used various kinds of trace elements in order to treat a new disease. Until recently, some of the supplements were being offered to people as safe alternatives to vaccinations.

In turn, scientists say that micronutrient supplements cannot help overcome coronavirus infection. Many people mistakenly believe that taking zinc or vitamins will improve the clinical outcome of COVID-19.

The researchers analyzed 26 peer-reviewed studies. They included 5,600 patients who were hospitalized with a diagnosis of COVID-19.

During the study, no reduction in the number of deaths was found among those people who took micronutrient and vitamin supplements. The indicator remained exactly the same as among patients who did not try to strengthen their immunity.

An analysis of studies has shown that vitamin D supplementation may be associated with lower intubation rates. In this case, a person will spend much less time in the hospital. But in order to finally confirm this, a number of additional studies are needed.

Vitamin C, as well as zinc, did not affect the length of stay of patients in the hospital and did not help reduce the risk of complications, as well as connection to a ventilator.

It is worth noting that the majority of the study looked at patients who were already infected and admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 at the time they started taking the supplements.

Also, a group of people who took dietary supplements before the infection occurred was carefully analyzed. They failed to find any noticeable difference in mortality rates.


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