Scientists told what to do in order not to die from coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists conducted another study, during which they managed to find out how to avoid serious consequences and death if a person became infected with a coronavirus.

More than 250 thousand people have died from coronavirus worldwide. Specialists from the USA made a very interesting conclusion during the study of the virus. In order to avoid complications and death, it is enough to simply suppress the virus at an early stage of the disease, and not to pay all attention to strengthening the immune system.

Experts published the results of the study in the scientific journal Journal of Medical Virology.

It turned out that if two protective systems of the body work simultaneously, the immune system will be too overloaded. First, the innate human immunity fights the virus, and after a couple of days adaptive begins to work. In the case of coronavirus, the fight will be much slower.

This leads to the fact that adaptive immunity prevents the innate from performing its functions. After this, a too strong defensive reaction or, in other words, a cytokine storm occurs. In most cases, this causes death.

Experts believe that if a person takes immunosuppressive drugs, then this will slow down adaptive immunity and the innate one will be able to defeat a dangerous virus faster.


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