Scientists: time travel is possible, but it’s dangerous

(ORDO NEWS) — In science fiction works, a time machine is most often used as a means of traveling to the past or the future. But, if such devices have been developed, their functionality has not yet been officially confirmed.

Meanwhile, Sarah Bridle, professor of astronomy and cosmology at the University of Manchester’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, recently told BBC Radio that time travel is possible. In any case, if we are talking about a “trip” to the future. But it’s not all that simple.

First of all, airplanes

It is noticed that the clocks of airplane passengers always run a little ahead.

“So, if you get on a plane and go on a trip around the world, you will move forward in time by one millionth of a second,” says Professor Bridle.

Another thing is that it will be completely imperceptible to us, since in such a short period of time there will not be any serious changes in the world. So, using an ordinary plane as a time machine is pointless.

Better than a ship!

“If you want to move much further in time, you have to move faster,” says Bridle. “You have to move at a speed close to the speed of light.”

According to the researcher, if we were on a spacecraft capable of flying around the Earth seven times per second, then a week would pass for us, and a hundred years on Earth. We would go back to the future.

True, such a spacecraft would consume a huge amount of energy, Sarah Bridle admits. Therefore, hardly anyone would undertake to carry out such an experiment.

Approaching a black hole

It is believed that time does not flow in a black hole as in our reality, and if we got to it, we would have a good chance of being transported many years ahead on an Earth scale.

However, we still know little about the properties of such objects. But what if, finding ourselves near a hole, we simply disintegrate into atoms?

Meanwhile, theoretically, there are points in the Universe that can serve as portals to other dimensions, both spatial and temporal. Physicists talk about it.

But then again, if in fantastic works the heroes instantly and without any damage teleport where they need and where they don’t need, and then calmly return back, then in our case, no one guarantees survival and safety.

It takes years, maybe centuries of experimentation to “rehearse” such journeys. And even if we get into the future, we are unlikely to return back to our time. In a word, this is an option for kamikaze.

“jump” technologies

Sarah Bridle, however, believes that humanity does not currently have the technology that can truly move people into the future.

But, even if they existed, it should be remembered that with such a “jump” a large piece of time will simply be lost for us. Are you ready to adapt to new realities? What if you don’t like the future at all?

In principle, we all have something to do in our own time. And it is better to live to the future than to “jump” there.


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