Scientists: time does not exist

(ORDO NEWS) — Immediately several physicists came to very mixed conclusions. In their opinion, time as such is not something real – it is just a human perception that helps us distinguish between the present or the past, but at the same time it is very contradictory and inconsistent with the so-called theory of states.

According to new ideas, the concept of time is just an illusion consisting of human memories, and everything that has ever been and will be happening right now. Moreover, most people do not even consider the concept of time, but there is nothing in the laws of physics to say that it should move in the direction we know.

The laws of physics are symmetric in the long run, which means that time could easily move in the opposite direction as one moves forward. Some adherents of the “big crisis” theory say that time will move in the opposite direction when the universe stops expanding and begins to shrink.

The puzzle is that we interpret time in the forward direction. This made scientists wonder – “Why?”. Some of them inevitably came to the conclusion that time is just human perception. They claim that there is a “block universe” where time and space are connected and call it space-time.

The theory, which is confirmed by Einstein’s theory of relativity, claims that space and time are part of a four-dimensional structure, where everything that happened has its own coordinates in space-time.

This would allow everything to be “real” in the sense that the past and even the future still exist in space-time, which makes everything equally important and exists only at the moment. Here’s what the physicist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Max Tegmark said for about this:

“We can depict our reality either as a three-dimensional place where things happen over time, or as a four-dimensional place where nothing happens (block the universe) – and if this is really the second option, then the change is really an illusion because nothing changes, all in one – past, present, future. At any moment, we have the illusion that the past has already happened, and the future does not exist, and that everything is changing.”

“But all I have ever realized is the state of my brain right now. The only reason I feel I have a past is because my brain contains memories.”

Julian Barbour, a British physicist, author of several books on the theme of time, also says that it does not matter when something was or will be – everything happens “now”:

“As we live, we seem to be moving through a series of New Times, but the question is, what are they? You can think of it as a landscape or a country. Each point in this country is “now”, and I call the country Platonia, because it is timeless and created according to perfect mathematical rules.”

According to the scientist, what we perceive as the past is just an illusion formed in our brain.

“The only evidence you have about last week is your memory. But memory now comes from the stable structure of neurons in your brain. The only evidence of the past of the Earth is stones and fossils. But these are just stable structures in the form of the arrangement of minerals that we are considering in the present. The fact is that all that we have is these records that currently exist.”


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