Scientists talked about the existence of a “hell planet”

(ORDO NEWS) — Exoplanet 55 Cancri e can claim the title of “hell planet”. The conditions here are so terrible for any living organism that it is impossible to imagine a worse place in the universe. Scientists told a little more about her.

It is known that 55 Cancri e is located 41 light years from our Earth. This planet is also called Jansenn. It is at a short distance from its star, around which it rotates, so the surface temperature is very high there.

Scientists say that there is not a single island of land, instead everything is covered with red-hot magma.

Janssen is 8 times heavier than our earth and 2 times larger in diameter. The planet belongs to the super-Earth class. The temperature on the surface is almost + 2000 C.

The exoplanet revolves around the star Copernicus, known to astronomers. The orbit around the star is so small that, by our standards, a year here lasts only 17.5 hours.

The Copernicus star system consists of 5 exoplanets: Jansen, Galilei, Brahe, Herriot, Lipperhei. And only on the “hell planet” is the highest temperature.

Scientists say that when they discovered this celestial body, they initially doubted that it was a planet. The fact is that the orbit is so small that 55 Cancri e almost hugs its host star.

American astronomers conducted a study to understand whether these two objects were always so close to each other. This will help to learn more about the formation of planets and their orbits.

It turned out that Janssen originally had a different orbit, it was much further from Copernicus.

The change in the orbit was influenced by the gravitational attraction that emanates from the equator of the star. It literally attracted the exoplanet to itself.

Lily Zhao of the Flatiron Institute in New York, USA, says that the change in orbits is called internal planetary migration.

The Copernican star system is also unique in that the planets rotate in different planes relative to the star. Therefore, these objects are always interesting to study.


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