Scientists talk about the possible life expectancy of a person

(ORDO NEWS) — An international group of gerontologists conducted a study during which it was possible to find out the maximum possible life expectancy of a person. It turned out that already at the end of this century, the life expectancy of a person can be about 130 years.

Specialists from the University of Montreal note that 130 years is an average. It is not excluded that the life expectancy of some people can reach 180 years.

Over the course of many years of observation, it was possible to find out that at the moment the maximum life expectancy of a person is 122 years.

At the same time, by 2100 this figure may increase to 130 years. This, in turn, may lead to an increase in the burden on the social security and health care system.

In the course of studying the indicators of the dynamic state of the body, which act as indicators of aging, which is directly affected by diseases, ecology, stressful situations and other factors, it turned out that faster rates of normalization of the indicators of these factors lead to a slowdown in the aging process of the human body. This will have a direct impact on increasing life expectancy.

Experts report that by the age of 50, a person has a significantly increased risk of mortality. By the age of 80, the aging process slows down, and by the age of 110, these processes may even even out. This suggests that life expectancy could increase to 130 years or more.


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