Scientists talk about the most mysterious power of nature

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts say gravity is a fundamental phenomenon. It is incredibly powerful and due to this it can easily lead to the curvatures that occur in the fabric of space-time. Life could not exist without gravity, because it is she who holds everything in our Universe in its place.

This phenomenon was the reason for the formation of the solar system. Also, gravity affects the nuclear fusion that occurs inside stars.

This is reported by Science Focus.

At the same time, scientists have not yet fully studied this incredible natural phenomenon. Gravity is considered one of the main forces of nature and is simultaneously with this property of matter. For example, all matter tends to be attracted to each other.

The more it will be, and the distance between matter will be less, the higher will be the force of attraction. A distinctive feature of gravity from electromagnetism is that it can only attract matter and never repels it.

Newton considered this natural phenomenon to be universal. He did not offer different hypotheses for how gravity works.

The scientist was sure that the same force was responsible for the falling apple on our planet and keeping the Moon in its characteristic orbit. It was he who derived the equation that demonstrates that the force of attraction will increase depending on how close objects are to each other and how massive they are.


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