Scientists talk about the largest earthquake in the history of observations on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — The American Journal of Geoscience published a scientific article about the largest earthquake on Mars.

It happened on May 4th. According to the analysis of the researchers, the shocks were at least five times more powerful than the most significant seismic event in the past.

“This was by far the greatest earthquake we have ever seen,” said Taichi Kawamura, lead author and planetary scientist at the Institute for Physical Peace Research in Paris.

The earthquake was recorded by a seismometer aboard NASA‘s InSight Mars Lander. It lasted for “many hours”.

It is reported that seismology on Mars could give scientists a better idea of ​​what lies beneath the planet’s surface.

This includes finding water. It can also give an understanding of how the crust and deep interior of the planet are structured.

On Mars, as on Earth, most earthquakes are thought to be due to the movement of faults.

The previous most powerful earthquake was recorded in August 2021. It had a magnitude of about 4.2, while the May earthquake reached a magnitude of 4.7.


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