Scientists talk about sound anomalies on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have received the first audio recordings from Mars. They showed that there is a strange delay in the sound.

NASA’s Perseverance rover went to Mars last year. In addition to other equipment, he has two microphones. They allowed scientists to literally hear Mars.

In a study published Friday in the journal Nature, the authors present their first analysis of sound recorded by Perseverance microphones.

The recordings showed previously unknown turbulence in sound on the planet. The scientists listened to the flights of the tiny Ingenuity helicopter, which also fired a laser at the rocks to study their chemical composition.

These observations confirmed that the speed of sound on Mars is lower than on Earth – 240 meters per second versus 340.

However, sometimes the sound emitted by a laser helicopter reached a speed of 250 meters per second.

Scientists were surprised by this and concluded that there are two speeds of sound on the surface of Mars: one for high speeds, such as a laser discharge, and the other for slower speeds, such as the whirring of a helicopter propeller.


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