Scientists talk about side effects in people who are afraid of vaccination

(ORDO NEWS) – The occurrence of a variety of side effects that can arise as a result of vaccination are highly dependent on a person’s negative expectations. Vaccinations against coronavirus in this case were no exception. Such conclusions were made by experts after another study.

It is reported by Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics .

The authors talked about the fact that the risk of various kinds of side effects from drugs is much higher in those people who are very afraid of negative consequences and begin to set themselves up for this in advance. The study involved interviewing patients who believed that some additional health problems would appear after vaccination. After that, their words were compared with what actually happened when the vaccine was given.

Lena Vase from Aarhus University noted that the number and severity of side effects largely depends on the gender and age of the person. The type of vaccine used is also considered. Now experts know that people’s expectations play an important role and negative consequences can arise under their influence in a particular person.

The professor added that those patients who were confident in the appearance of complex side effects after vaccination felt much worse than those who believed that everything would be fine. In this case, the placebo effect was likely to work. Vasya believes that it is necessary to tell people more about the beneficial properties of the drug, which will help reduce the side effects of a psychosomatic nature.

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