Scientists stunned with a new theory of the origin of the universe

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(ORDO NEWS) — The scientific community was thrown into shock after a series of discoveries in the field of relic radiation, which support the hypothesis of the origin of our universe. So, in fact, space was created not as a result of the Big Bang, but as a result of some “rebound” after the collapse of the “past” Universe.

New discoveries can finally explain the heterogeneity of outer space: galaxies and dark matter are chaotically scattered. The relic radiation served as the beginning for the creation of the cosmos in the form familiar to us, when the age of the Universe was another 380 thousand years.

Recently, specialists from the University of Pennsylvania created a temperature map of the cosmic microwave background radiation, which indicated several zones with anomalies. Physical laws fail to explain oddities.

Experts using the loop quantum cosmology model, which is based on quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity, were able to unravel 2 of the three anomalies. Einstein’s theory fails to explain the strange distribution of objects in outer space. It is worth imagining the fabric from which the shirts are made.

Outwardly, it seems two-dimensional, but up close it turns out that the thing is made of three-dimensional threads. Like this example, intertwined quantum strands form the cosmic “fabric” of space-time. Loop quantum cosmology in the study of these threads can allow us to go beyond the continuum, which is described by the general theory of relativity, in particular, go beyond the Big Bang.

All objects in the universe are explained by the equation of quantum loops. The ever-expanding space is formed from a rapid contraction, which occurs under the pressure of a large mass, possibly from the past Universe.


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