Scientists studying penguins were drugged by their feces

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The scientific publication Science Alert published a material that says a rather funny fact: scientists studying king penguins were stupefied by laughing gas concentrated in their feces.

So, according to the head of a research project, professor at the Department of Geological Sciences and Natural Resources Management at the University of Copenhagen, Bo Elberling, huge amounts of nitric oxide are produced in settlements organized by penguins.

It was this feature that led to the fact that scientists studying birds on the territory of the South Atlantic were mostly stupefied because of the circumference of penguin feces.

”After several hours of hustle and bustle in guano (naturally decayed seabird droppings), one person has a roof. Another begins to have bouts of nausea and headache, ” Elberling said.


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