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Scientists simulate real football matches and analyze each team’s defense strategy

Scientists simulate real football matches and analyze each teams defense strategy 1

cientists are not interested in who and how put their foot down, they only register the relative position of the players on the field

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Córdoba, Argentina watched football matches and created movement patterns for football players, primarily the defenders of both teams.

The researchers believe that they were able to identify the defensive strategy that the teams adhere to, and this will help real coaches and football players to prepare for games and win.

Researchers at the University of Cordoba, Argentina have developed a computer model based on footage of real football matches.

Scientists believe that the model will help coaches and players in developing the optimal strategy for the game.

Every second throughout the match, scientists tracked the position and movement of all players.

They also noted the distance between all the players, and how the defenders moved when an opposing player approached.

The scientists also noted the types of actions taken by the defenders to interfere with the opponent’s play.

The video shows the positions of the players and the networks of their interactions. The video is sped up 10 times.

The computer model shows the real movement of 22 players (red or blue dots) with a spatial resolution of 10 centimeters. Interactions are shown as lines connecting players between opposing teams.

Scientists have noticed that the action of the teams seems to be based on spring connections between the players.

(a) Player positions at time t≈20. The heat map in the background shows the areas explored by the player, marked with an asterisk. (b) The average position of the players relative to the center of mass of the frame of reference. The δ parameter indicates the distance between nearby enemies, and the ellipse indicates the range of the player’s star

The researchers speculate that studying animations reveals forward patterns that coaches can use to develop defensive strategies for their team.

This is not a simulation of playing football, which has already been done a lot today. This is an attempt at a formal, simplified description of the game itself.

Experienced coaches and football players, as a rule, have a good understanding of the opponent’s strategy, but the proposed model can help even an excellent specialist not to miss something.


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