Scientists shown how quickly covid-19 can be infected

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — How does contact infection on cruise ships occur, which leads to the spread of coronavirus on them?

NHK correspondents conducted an experiment with experts. During the experiment, it was demonstrated how a special dye, which acted as a virus, quickly spreads between people through various objects that they touch. This suggests that on “cruise liners” such “centers” are crowded places, for example, premises of restaurants, cafes, etc.

NHK Broadcasting Corporation employees and experts conducted an experiment with 10 people. During the experiment, one of its participants, who played the role of “infected”, was put on a palm with a special fluorescent dye and asked to stay in the restaurant for 30 minutes, from time to time putting a palm to his mouth, as if holding back a cough.

Then, in a special light, the experimenters checked the distribution of bluish-white dots of the dye around the “carrier of infection”, paying particular attention to the dishes, hands of people nearby, etc. It turned out that particles of the substance scattered widely throughout the room.

The dye was found on the hands of all experiment participants without exception, in three it was also found on faces.

Especially a lot of luminous traces of the dye were found on the lids that covered food trays, on the handles of special forceps with which the participants filled their plates, as well as on the handles of jugs and other containers with drinks.

When the organizers of the experiment suggested that the restaurant staff change the devices as often as possible, with the help of which the participants put food on themselves, and also asked the participants to regularly disinfect their hands, the area of ​​the palms covered with dye particles decreased by 30 times, and they were not found on people’s faces at all.

Hirouki Kunijima, a professor at St. Marianna Medical University (Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture), commented on the results of the experiment: “Many places that are not specially designated and which are located in areas where many people are crowded are called“ high-risk surfaces ”and carry danger for a person. We need to be aware of these risks and take the necessary measures to protect against them. ”


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