Scientists say what a man from Tollund ate before his death

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Denmark studied the world famous “man from Tollund”, whose age is 2400 years. The mummy was discovered back in the 50th year of the last century near the city of Silkeborg in the swamps.

Before the man was sacrificed, a last meal was organized for him. It consisted of fish and grain. Reported by Cambridge.

The very first studies of the mummy were carried out immediately after it was discovered. The man’s body was very well preserved and experts suspected that the murder was committed not so long ago.

At the same time, the forensic expert found that the deceased was strangled with a rope, and his body was thrown into a swamp.

Experts to this day cannot agree on whether it was a ritual murder or an ordinary execution. Still, most scientists believe that the man was brought as a sacrifice, because there is no damage on his body. In addition, before he died, he was given food.

Nina Nielsen said that over the past 70 years, a lot of new equipment has appeared, so the experts decided to re-examine the contents of the mummy’s intestines. It was found that shortly before his death, the man consumed barley porridge, to which the seeds of a variety of wild herbs were added.

For the porridge, they used water taken from a local swamp. The dish was being prepared in an ancient clay pot. Along with the porridge, the “man from Tollund” also ate fish.


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