Scientists say people can live up to 180 years

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Canada conducted another study and found that people can live up to 180 years without problems.

Experts believe that literally by the end of this century, the life expectancy of many people will have already increased to 130 years, and super-longevity will even die at the age of about 180 years.

These figures are much higher than previously thought.

To date, the record for the number of years lived belongs to a resident of France, Jeanne Calment, who died at 122 in 1997. There is a special database where centenarians are marked.

With its help, it is possible to track without problems those people who have lived to at least 110 years. Experts emphasize the fact that after the age of 50, the risk of death begins to increase significantly, but by the age of 80 it becomes much less.

After a person turns 110 years old, the next year the probability of death will be only 50%.

In simpler terms, it can be noted that the duration of a human life in 130-180 years is quite real. In turn, Leo Belzila believes that there is absolutely no upper limit to the life expectancy of people.

He believes that people can live almost forever if certain factors and conditions contribute to this.

In his report, which Belzila provides every year, he pointed out that gradually more people are expanding their age capabilities. This can affect the whole society in a certain way.

For example, spending on social benefits, as well as medical bills will have to be significantly increased, because in old age people are much more likely to get sick.

To date, more than a dozen people are officially registered in the world, whose age has exceeded 110 years. Professor Eileen Crimmins of the University of Southern California has a long history of researching life expectancy.

She is confident that in the near future, prices for medical services may increase significantly. The specialist added that a lot of efforts will have to be made to ensure that people can not only live longer, but also be healthier.

Of course, a decent amount of finance will have to be allocated for this.Many will need to replace knee joints, cornea, valves in the heart, and more.

Bid Grock, who lives in Australia, recently celebrated her 107th birthday. She shared with everyone her secret of youth, which shocked many. The woman is sure that her favorite drink, Emu Export beer, helped her to live to such a venerable age.

Bid revealed that she has been drinking this delicious beer every day for 60 years. Employees of the local store, where the Australian regularly buys drunken drinks, decided to please her and presented a box of her favorite drink for her birthday, and also brought a cake straight home.

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