Scientists say Dark Matter is passing through our bodies right now

(ORDO NEWS) — There is a strong possibility that dark matter could be in the room next to you right now and even passing through your body as you read this.

“Yes, absolutely, it [dark matter] is here, ” Yeshiva University researcher Ed Belbruno told Futurism . “Where you sit, it affects you on some level, but this [impact] is beyond our senses.”

The ubiquitous dark matter

Dark matter, which has yet to be observed or measured directly, is estimated to make up about 95% of the universe. If dark matter is so pervasive in the universe, then the likelihood of it making its way to Earth and into our homes or even our bodies seems extremely high.

Belbruno and recently retired NASA chief scientist Jim Green told Futurism about their plans to launch a probe into space to study mysterious dark matter, which is known (the only thing we know about it) to decrease as we get closer to the Sun due to due to the gravitational force from our star. But despite this, as Belbruno insists, this supernatural substance is still present here on Earth , next to us.

“This [dark matter] is going through you right now,” Belbruno added. “The only reason there is nothing to worry about is that the Earth’s gravity is so strong that it drowns it out. Here, dark matter is just “noise”, but it is there.”

Scientists say Dark Matter is passing through our bodies right now 2

“Dark matter is likely in our region, probably in and around our solar system. It may be in our rooms, but its density here is at such a low level that we cannot yet detect it.

Of course, there are a number of assumptions about where dark matter came from, but the leading hypothesis is that it is a by-product of the Big Bang, although as Belbruno and Green have noted, some scientists now believe that dark matter may have preceded this primordial event .

In other words: dark matter, whatever it is, has probably been around everyone who has ever lived before us, and will be around long after we leave this world.


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