Scientists said that the Earth “warns” humanity about the coming catastrophe

(ORDO NEWS) — At the very beginning of 2020, everyone was shocked by the terrible flattering fires that took place in Australia. But already the end of the year and the situation has not changed much. Storms are constantly recorded over the Atlantic, California is blazing, Africa is in dire drought, and Asia has begun to sink.

Each of the continents withstands an attack from both “above” and from the side of the oceans.

Some time ago, scientists said that sea levels were rising too much and in line with the worst forecasts. Over the past few decades, it has risen by almost 2 cm as a result of global warming. Of course, this figure may seem quite insignificant, but for every 1 cm rise in sea level, about a million people have to migrate.

Adam Smith stated that the reason for all the terrible climate events that happened in 2020 is too rapid warming. Inger Andersen, in turn, added that in this way the Earth is sending us “warnings” that a real catastrophe may soon occur, which will affect absolutely all of humanity.

Some time ago, the UN provided a report that despite the shutdown of many businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic, emissions continue to increase, which has a negative impact on the climate.


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