Scientists reveal what you need to eat for good sleep

(ORDO NEWS) — The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics published the results of a new study, during which experts studied what kind of diet you need to follow for sound and healthy sleep.

Experts analyzed over 20 different studies that have been conducted over the past almost 50 years. All of them focused on how sleep depends on nutrition and how it can be improved.

As a result, all scientists agreed that the Mediterranean diet would be ideal. It contains absolutely all the components that are needed in order to make a dream of really high quality.

Katherine Wilson talked about the need to consume enough fiber and healthy fats, as well as fruits and vegetables, which contain serotonin, melatonin. Anti-inflammatory nutrients have a huge impact. Further research is needed to explain this relationship.

Wilson added that many other habits can also affect sleep. For example, the amount of caffeine consumed by a person or how much he is behind the screen of a TV, computer or mobile phone. How significant these or other factors will be differs in each individual case. This can be compared with “fingerprints”.

The quality of sleep will be affected not only by the food itself, but also by when a person eats it. You should try to maintain a balance of nutrients, do not overeat and do not sleep immediately after dinner. If the last meal is late, then dinner should be as light as possible.


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