Scientists reveal what people experience when they die

(ORDO NEWS) — According to scientists, at the time of death, a person’s consciousness is clearer than ever. This state is not like a delusion or an illusion.

The fact is that before death, the human brain has increased activity, immersing the dying person in memories and analysis, writes the Neuroscience News portal.

Scientists also suggest that a person’s sense of self, along with their other biological functions, may not completely cease with death.

The experiment involved 567 men and women who had cardiac arrest. They said that, being in a coma, they felt themselves separated from the body, watched the events without pain or suffering.

Also during cardiac arrest, people evaluated their lives and reasoned about their actions and thoughts in relation to others.

Specialists at such moments recorded bursts of brain activity in people: gamma, delta, theta, alpha and beta waves.

It is noted that for the first time scientists were able to record a near-death experience.

It has also been established that the hearing of a person after death is preserved in a person.


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