Scientists reported catastrophic in the history of the Earth ancient eruptions

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Previously, researchers found that in antiquity volcanic eruptions were the most extreme phenomena that, so to speak, mercilessly redrawn the Earth’s surface.

According to a recent study, it became known that there were two such super-eruptions, both of which are associated with American Yellowstone.

Scientists are sure that both eruptions in the entire history of the Earth were the most catastrophic. Studies have shown that the hot spot that feeds geysers, fumaroles, and mud spots in Yellowstone Park can decrease. To make sure their conclusions were correct, the researchers used several approaches at the same time to compare volcanic deposits.

If earlier it was assumed that only small eruptions could occur in this area, today it is established that the largest cataclysms in the entire history of the Earth occurred here 8.7 and 9 million years ago.

These eruptions were catastrophic for life on Earth. For example, one of them almost instantly destroyed life in a territory the size of New Jersey (22,608 sq. Km.). Researchers believe that large eruptions can recur every five hundred thousand years.

Earlier, a new cause for concern was voiced by American scientists who determined that over the past 20 years the basin of the largest volcano has slowly but relentlessly expanded, burning trees around it.


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