Scientists refuted the theory that the universe is expanding at the same speed in all directions

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — After studying eight hundred galactic structures, astronomers came to the conclusion that the Universe has a different expansion rate depending on the direction side.

Until now, it was believed that after the Big Bang, outer space is expanding non-stop. New works partially refute this theory: it has been established that the speed of the process in each direction varies significantly.

The findings are based on observations of structures and galaxies. Scientists have created a map that clearly shows the speed of expansion of the Universe in its various parts. It’s hard to say at the moment why the pace of expansion was so high, said Thomas Reiprich of the University of Bonn, Germany.

It is possible that dark matter, which makes up 60% of the entire space, has its influence. In different parts of the universe, it can have different gravitational forces.

If the conclusions of the experts are finally confirmed, astronomers will have to change the methods for calculating the remoteness of bodies, since now cosmological parameters are used to calculate the distance without taking into account the different speeds of space expansion.


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