Scientists recreated the face of a man who lived 9,000 years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — The Jericho skull is 9,000 years old. It was found during excavations 70 years ago. Scientists were able to reconstruct the face of the man to whom it belonged, using new technologies.

Perhaps, the “Jericho skull” is one of the most famous in the world of science. It was about 9,000 years old at the time of its discovery.

The find was discovered in 1953 near the city of Jericho. Even then, scientists were interested in the find.

The thing is that the skull was covered with plaster, and in the place where the eyes should have been, someone inserted sea shells.

Now the skull is in London, in one of the British museums. There, the scientific group decided to reproduce the face of this dead person.

Similar attempts were made before, for example, 6 years ago. Then scientists wanted to implement the idea using computer tomography, but nothing good came of it.

The reconstruction gave a positive result. Earlier, researchers assumed that it was a female skull.

The cast on the face did not allow a good study of the bone. Therefore, all experts could do in previous years was to offer different theories.

The latest technology has made it possible to establish that the Jericho skull is male. Reconstruction experts did a great job. They even made a hairstyle that they thought men of the time could wear.

It is known that the man died at the age of 30-40. It is possible that he had a beard. It was a brunette with brown eyes. The skull has one unusual feature an elongated upper part.

This was done on purpose before. There are other discovered skulls with the same deformation. Why people did it is still unclear.

Maybe it was considered fashionable and beautiful 9000 years ago. Then the children’s heads began to be bandaged while the bones were mobile.


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