Scientists recreated the face of a famous Christian saint

(ORDO NEWS) — An international group of scientists created a new reconstruction of the face of a famous Catholic saint named Anthony of Padua.

He lived back in the 13th century and, according to scientists, had a very large head.

Saint Anthony of Padua, born Fernando de Bouillon, was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1195 and died in Padua, Italy in 1231.

This Portuguese priest, who died at the age of 36, was canonized, i.e. canonized, already in 1232.

Anthony of Padua is considered the patron saint of both Lisbon and Padua, as well as the patron saint of the poor and travelers. Even faithful Catholics turn to him to help them return lost or stolen things.

With the help of computer tomography of the skull of this saint, a group of scientists created a surprisingly realistic reconstruction of his face and appearance.

Given that this saint was a member of the Catholic Order of Franciscans, he was depicted wearing the appropriate brown robes worn by members of that monastic order.

As for his hairstyle, medieval Franciscan monks also had this appearance.

In this image of the saint, his face is turned towards the viewer to make him look as believable as possible.

The author of the new reconstruction of the appearance was a group of scientists led by a specialist in recreating the faces of long-dead people, Brazilian graphic expert Cicero Moraes.

This work was a continuation of a study that was already carried out in 2014, when Italian scientists, using only a digital copy of the priest’s skull, created the first such reconstruction . Then Moraes also helped them.

“This facial reconstruction is the best version of what was created 8 years ago.

New technologies made it possible to more accurately reproduce all the anatomical features of the saint, and we believe that this is the most realistic image of him,” says Moraes.

Scientists also stated that Anthony of Padua had a very large skull compared to the average adult man, that is, he had a very large head. And it was much larger than that of modern people.

This reconstruction of the saint’s appearance became possible thanks to the exhumation of the body of Anthony of Padua, which was initiated by Pope John Paul II.


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