Scientists put forward a new theory of the origin of Oumuamua


In 2017, astronomers discovered a space object with a very strange trajectory. Scientists then reported that the body, called Oumuamua, was not from the solar system, but ufologists suggested that it was a disguised alien ship. Now a new theory has appeared regarding the origin of the asteroid.

To this day, experts cannot figure out the exact nature of the body. According to the new conclusions of astronomers from Yale and the University of Chicago, the asteroid is actually a hydrogen iceberg, which has been wandering the universe for millions of years, and has recently crossed our galaxy.

Another oddity of the asteroid is its shape. If the rest of the bodies are rounded, then the shape of our “pebble” resembles a huge cigarette 300 meters long. Interestingly, after overcoming the solar system, an acceleration of the body followed, which is very, very strange.

If the object is a comet, then in theory acceleration is possible due to the released gas heated by the Sun. However, why is Oumuamua so long? If the body is an asteroid, then the shape may well be so strange, but this does not explain other features.

The properties of Oumuamua can be explained by the fact that the body is a hydrogen iceberg. Maybe in deep space, in the dense nuclei of molecular clouds, it is so cold that hydrogen freezes and forms dense structures. Such objects can fly around the Universe for a long time, until they approach any star. When melted, hydrogen may well cause acceleration of the object. Oumuamua looks like a bar of soap that is depleted after many uses, in our case, proximity to the stars, noted scientist Gregory Laughlin.


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