Scientists propose to send a research mission to Uranus

(ORDO NEWS) — The only spacecraft to visit Uranus was the Voyager 2 probe, which flew past the planet in 1986, approaching Uranus at a distance of 81.5 thousand kilometers.

But even then, Voyager 2 uncovered some intriguing secrets about Uranus, discovering new moons and rings around the planet.

A new report by US planetary scientists says that sending an interplanetary probe to study the giant planet should be seen as a top priority for planetary exploration over the next decade.

Specifically, the researchers are urging NASA to build the Uranus Orbiter and Probe, or UOP. The mission concept involved sending a spacecraft into orbit around Uranus along with a probe that would plunge into the planet’s atmosphere.

Scientists suggest that the mission will be launched in 2032 if engineers begin to implement the creation of the orbiter and probe as early as 2023.

Scientists propose to send a research mission to Uranus 2

The mission would help researchers gain a lot of new knowledge. First of all, people were able to find out exactly what Uranus is made of.


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