Scientists propose to create a magnetic shield on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Former NASA scientist Jim Green, who has worked at the agency for more than forty years, shared his opinion on how Mars and, in some case, Venus can be prepared for the birth of living organisms.

A part of Jim’s scientific work has been published, which describes a way to create favorable weather conditions on planets hostile to life.

In a nutshell, terraforming is the process of changing climatic conditions on planets in order to create a favorable environment for the emergence of the first living organisms. The concept itself does not imply specific ways and methods to create an atmosphere.

Gene Green said that a powerful magnetic shield across the entire surface of Mars will eliminate one of the main negative factors of the red planet, which prevents the emergence of even primitive microorganisms. We are talking about powerful rays of the sun that are destroying the atmosphere on the planet.

If it is possible to solve this aspect, the planet will begin to linger on the heat above the surface, and the pressure will increase.

The scientist said that it is quite possible to create a magnetic shield. He is going to describe all the methods in an upcoming article, which he will publish very soon after two years of preparation.


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