Scientists prepare for possible contact with aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — The University of St. Andrews in Scotland has announced the creation of a new research facility to prepare humanity for the day when we will probably make the first ever contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization.

The SETI Post Detection-Hub Research Center will be a meeting place for experts who will ensure that a unified way to respond to aliens is developed, which will be useful in case they contact us (or vice versa).

“Science fiction is replete with speculations about the impact that finding life or intelligence elsewhere beyond Earth has on human society,” said John Elliott, coordinator of the new center.

It’s time to move beyond thinking about the impact of first contact on humanity and develop a unified response plan for this hypothetical event, Elliott said.

Alien protocol

Let’s say we send a message into deep space and… get a response. What will be our next step?

The goal of the Post-Discovery Center is to ensure that an internationally agreed plan of action is created in case we do come into contact with the “brothers in mind”.

Until now, the SETI community has followed the generally accepted rules set out in the “Declaration of Principles Concerning Action Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.”

But these rules are very vague. The new SETI center should significantly rework and expand them.

“Will we ever get a message from extraterrestrial intelligence? Elliott asks. “We don’t know for sure.

But we are confident that we cannot afford to be ill-prepared scientifically, socially, and politically for an event that could become a reality tomorrow. We cannot afford to mismanage [this situation].”


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