Scientists predict a powerful flash in space in 3 years

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Canada and China have launched a countdown to the start of a powerful flare in space. This phenomenon, which will occur in the next three years, will be able to observe all of humanity.

Astronomers said that in another galaxy called SDSSJ1430 + 2303, which has an active nucleus, there are two supermassive black holes.

Computer simulations have shown that they will merge soon. This is confirmed by the spectra of radiation coming from the center of the galaxy.

Scientists call galaxies located between two nuclei Seyfert. More often than not, they are much closer to Earth than quasars.

Accordingly, it is easier to study them. In the event of a black hole merger, a strong outburst is expected. The blue planet will feel this emission of electromagnetic waves on itself. The consequences for humanity have not yet been announced.


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